There’s no better feeling than giving a lovely, considerate, and personalized Gift to a person you care about, and have them and those around them exclaim “what is a great present!".  Small gestures matter and showing someone that you are thinking of them, demonstrate that they are important to you.

My Chic Boxes Founder Judith Henriquez spent over a decade in the luxury hospitality industry, where high-level customer service, presentation and guest experience are the most important values. In applying this experience to My Chic Boxes. I consider that gifting has to be elegant, useful for the recipient but not pricy for you. 

In My Chic Boxes we will take care of your gifts; saving your time on trips to some generic stores and hours waiting at the post office.  My Chic Boxes allows you to Create and Ship beautiful, custom gifts in 3 clicks, not 3 hours. Choose from our Ready to Ship Boxes or Build Your Own.

We buy from dozen of female-owned companies and most of the products are made in the USA.

As a female startup and Military Spouse, it is important for me to support other female-run and small businesses. So, when you buy from My Chic Boxes, you are supporting many others as well.